Astrophilatelist - France 2013 

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1.Bulletin "The Cosmophil”
The French Astrophilatelic Society (AAF) publish the "Cosmophil” (8 pages size 21x29,7 cm) for our members quarterly. The papers develop a part of the space history illustrated with space covers and space stamps and also give information on our society and on space events. Since 2012, this bulletin is printed in full color.

We publish papers on Astrophilately in the bulletin of the French Federation of Philately.

3.European space covers catalogue
Ten years ago, we started an important work, a catalogue of the European space covers issued by the European Astrophilatelic societies excluding the covers issued by commercial companies because they publish their own catalogues.
As a printed catalogue was too expensive, we choosed to record this catalogue on a CD. Specific software was developed and we dispatched to our members the first part "1930-1975” in 2011. The second part "1976-1980” was dispatched at the beginning of 2014.
We are working now on the third part 1980-1990. We expect to dispatch this third CD during the third quarter of 2014.

4.Space covers
4.1- Flown covers
The philatelic society of EADS Astrium:"La Marianne” located at Saint Médard en Jalles near Bordeaux prepared covers that were carried out to ISS by 3 « Automated Transfer Vehicles », ATV-001 "Jules Verne” launched on 9 March 2008, ATV-002 " Johannes Keppler” launched on 16 February 2011, ATV-003 "Edoardo Amaldi” launched on 23 March 2012, ATV-004 "Albert Einstein” launched on 5 June 2013.
The flown covers from ATV-001 and ATV-002 were dispatched three years ago and last year. Some of them received the Russian ISS board cachet.
4.2- Launches from Kourou
The philatelic society "La Marianne”, the CNES (French Space Agency) philatelic society and the ARIANESPACE philatelic society make covers cancelled at Kourou for their members. 

AAF organizes twice a year a meeting to explain to our members how to prepare astrophilatelic participation. We also gave lectures on space history and Astrophilately.

6.Cooperation with other French Astrophilatelic societies.
There exist in France four astrophilatelic societies belonging to space companies and one independent: the "French Astrophilatelic Society” (AAF):
"La Marianne " which belongs to EADS Astrium and located at Saint Médard en Jalles, near Bordeaux
The philatelic society of SAFRAN Solid Propulsion :” Astrophil” located at Le Haillan near Bordeaux
AAF has a good cooperation with them and I advise them for the preparation of French flown covers. I also help their members to prepare astrophilatelic exhibits.
ARIANESPACE philatelic society only involves in the preparation and the sale of Kourou space covers to their members.
the CNES (French Space Agency) philatelic society only involves in the preparation and the sale of Kourou space covers to their members.

7.Participation in exhibitions.
Competitive exhibitions.
One of our members won a vermeil medal at national level and another one a great silver medal at regional level.
Promotional exhibition
No promotional exhibition was organized in 2012 and 2013.
In 2012 and 2013, I was juror for the Astrophilatelic class at regional level.

Jean-Louis LAFON
AAF President

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