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Seminar on Astrophilately in Bremen, Germany.

On June 9, 2012 the annual meeting of the German Space Philately Society (Der Verein Weltraum-Philatelie e.V.) took place in the Best Western zur Post Hotel in Bremen.
The Society invited Chairman of the FIP Section for Astrophilately, Igor Rodin to conduct Seminar on Astrophilately in the frames of the meeting.
In the evening on June 8 President of the Society, Florian Noller organized an informal meeting of the several friend-collector in the Bremer Ratskeller restaurant, the oldest one in Bremen. During this informal meeting a number of astrophilatelic questions were discussed. One of the collectors, Mr. Helmut Teschner demonstrated a number of his collection’s astrophilatelic items regarded to Space Shuttle flights.

At the annual meeting on June 9 a number of questions in according to the Agenda were discussed.

By using computer presentation, Igor Rodin conducted Seminar "Advice on Judging Astrophilatelic Exhibit”. The aim of the Seminar was to give supplementary information to the FIP Special Regulations and Guidelines for Astrophilately which was intended to enhance the understanding of the peculiarities of astrophilatelic material and to lead to better definition of the criteria and their application in preparing an astrophilatelic exhibit.

More than 20 collectors took part in the Seminar. Igor Rodin also demonstrated the "Space Mail" video film made by Sergey Rodin.

Mr.Walter Hopferwieser, President of the Austrian Space Philately Society also took part in the Meeting. He presented a very interesting lecture about Moon flown covers and about some other astrophilatelic material regarded to Space Shuttle flights.

Dr. Hans-FerdinandVirnich made a report about the flown covers regarded to the Soviet-India joint space flight and some fakes regarded to the same event.

German delegate to the FIP Section for Astrophilately, Mr. Jűrgen Peter Esders made a lot for preparing the Seminar but, unfortunately, could not come to the Meeting to Bremen due to some circumstances.


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