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Failed rocket launch.
On June 10, 2010 South Korean KSLV-1 (The First Korean Space Launch Vehicle), a space rocket known as Naro-Two, was launched at 08:01 UTC (05:01 p.m. local time) from the Naro National Space Center.
The liftoff was nominal. However, 136 seconds into the flight all telemetry data downlink was terminated. It can be concluded at this point that an off-nominal event had occurred.
A joint failure review board will be set up by Korean and Russian specialists to investigate the causes. KSLV-1 is a joint product developed and built by Russian and South Korean specialists. The first stage of KSLV-I was developed and fabricated by Khrunichev Space Center of Moscow, while the second stage and payload were designed and built in South Korea.
The launch was car ... Read more »
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