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Main » 2013 » December » 27
Russia launched 3 military satellites.
On December 25, 2013 at 00:31 UTC the "Rokot” rocket-carrier was launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Arkhangelsk region, North Russia. The rocket equipped with the "Briz-KM” booster orbited 3 military satellites.
The satellites were given the names "Kosmos-2488”, "Kosmos-2489” and "Kosmos-2490”.
Russia did not identify the payloads on the launch, but the rocket's target orbit indicated the mission carried a trio of "Rodnik” satellites designed to relay messages between military users posted in remote areas.
The "Rockot” rocket-carrier is based on the SS-19 missile developed by the Soviet Union to launch nuclear weapons. Russia converted retired SS-19 missiles to rocket-carriers by adding a "Briz-KM” third stage to deliver payloads to orbit.

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US spacewalkers completed coolant system repairs.
On December 24, 2013 US astronauts Richard Mastraccio and Michael Hopkins performed a spacewalk.
The spacewalk began at 11:53 UTC. Two astronauts successfully installed a replacement coolant pump aboard the International Space Station, completing a high-stakes two-spacewalk repair job and clearing the way for flight controllers to re-activate a critical coolant system.
The spacewalk lasted 7 hours and 30 minutes.

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US astronauts performed a spacewalk.
On December 21, 2013 US astronauts Richard Mastraccio and Michael Hopkins performed a spacewalk.
The spacewalk began at 12:01 UTC. The spacewalk lasted 5 hours and 28 minutes. It was the first of at least two excursions needed to repair a critical coolant loop.

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China launched Bolivian satellite.
On December 20, 2013 at 16:42 UTC the "Long March – 3B/E” ("Changzheng-3B/E”) rocket-carrier was launched from the Xichang space center in southern China's Sichuan province. The rocket orbited the Bolivian «Tupac Katari-1” (TKSat-1) telecommunications satellite.
Bolivian President Evo Morales witnessed the launch at Xichang. According to Xinhua news agency, Evo Morales was the first foreign head of state to view a satellite launch from China.
The satellite is named in honor of Tupac Katari, leader of the Indian uprising against colonial rule in Bolivia in the XVIII century.

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