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Progress M-05M launch.
On April 28, 2010 at 17:15 UTC the Soyuz-U rocket-carrier was launched from Baykonur Cosmodrome to place the Progress M-05M unmanned supply spacecraft into orbit.
The Progress is to deliver about 2.5t of cargo including equipment, parcels from home, chocolate, candy, new video films and books to the crew of the International Space Station.
The Progress M-05M is to dock to the station on May 1.
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Russian military satellite is in orbit.
On April 27, 2010 the Kosmos-3M rocket-carrier orbited a Russian military satellite, "Kosmos – 2463”.
The launch was performed from Russian Plesetsk Cosmodrome.
The military satellite is a new addition to a Russian network of about 60-70 military reconnaissance satellites.
The Kosmos-3M is a liquid-fueled two-stage rocket, first launched in 1967, with over 410 successful launches to date. The booster has been designed to lift a payload of up to 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs) into low, medium, and high orbits.
Russian officials did not disclose any more details on the satellite's mission. But the payload is believed to be a ... Read more »
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Site news.
In the chapter "Exhibitions” we added Astrophilatelic Palmares for the ANTVERPIA 2010 European Philatelic Exhibition.
Please, look here
Category: Philatelic Exhibitions. | Looking through: 1102 | Date: 26.04.2010 | Rating: 0.0/0

Russian rocket orbited an American satellite.
On April 24, 2010 the Russian "Proton-M” rocket carrying the American SES 1 satellite was launched from Baykonur Cosmodrome at 11:18 UTC.

The 2.6-ton satellite belongs to SES World Skies company. The telecommunications satellite will provide digital television services for customers in the United States and the Caribbean regions.
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U.S. military's experimental spaceplane launch.
On April 22, 2010 an Atlas 5 / 501 (AV-012) rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral at 23:52 UTC to propel into orbit the U.S. military's experimental X-37B spaceplane (Orbital Test Vehicle), the prototype for an unmanned reusable space shuttle.
It was the 603rd launch of the Atlas family rocket-carries since 1957, the 21st launch of Atlas 5 and the 1st launch of Atlas 5 in the "501” configuration.
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Progress M-03M / ISS undocking.
On April 22, 2010 the "Progress M-03M” unmanned supply spacecraft undocked from the ISS at 16:29 UTC.
The space vehicle is to be deorbited on April 27, 2010.
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STS-131 landing.
On April 20, 2010 at 17:08 UTC the American Space Shuttle "Discovery” (STS-131 mission) landed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The STS-131 crew members concluded their successful mission to the International Space Station, having spent in space 15 days, 06 hours, 47 minutes and 10 seconds.
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STS-131 / ISS undocking.
On April 17, 2010 at 12:52 UTC the American Space Shuttle "Discovery” (STS-131 mission) undocked from the ISS.
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Russian military satellite is in orbit.
On April 16, 2010 the Russian "Soyuz-U” rocket-carrier was launched from Russian Plesetsk Cosmodrome at 15:00 UTC.
The rocket delivered to orbit the Russian "Kosmos-2462” military satellite.
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STS-131 / ISS - the 3rd EVA.
On April 13, 2010 American astronauts STS-131 Mission Specialists Richard Mastracchio and Clayton Anderson completed a six-hour and 24-minute spacewalk.
Activities included finishing the complicated change out of the large ammonia tank assembly and retrieving micrometeoroid shields from outside the airlock.
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