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SoyuzTMA-8 up-to-the station letter.

A FDC from Geneva’s UN Post Office is in space for the first time!!!



This FDC was devoted to the issue of a new Geneva hologram definitive stamp for UN Office at Geneva. The stamp depicts the Armillary Sphere (“Cycle of Life”) by Paul Manship, located at the United Nations Office at Geneva. The stamps were printed in offset with a holographic image by Cartor Security Printing (France).

This FDC was addressed to Valeriy Tokarev, Russian cosmonaut to the board of the ISS. In Russia the FDC was handed over to cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov. The FDC was delivered to the ISS by Vinogradov aboard the SoyuzTMA-8 spacecraft.

The addressee, cosmonaut Valeriy Tokarev, marked it with the board seals to document the delivery to the ISS. By mistake he set the wrong date in the round board seal. Instead of setting the date of docking (April 1, 2006) of the SoyuzTMA-8 spacecraft which delivered the letter to the ISS, he set the date of undocking (April 8, 2006) of the SoyuzTMA-7 spacecraft.

On the cover cosmonaut Valeriy Tokarev wrote the note which says: “It’s delivered to the ISS by the SoyuzTMA-8 spacecraft on April 1, 2006."

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