Astrophilatelist - Czech Republic, 2013 Report. 

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Report on activities 2013 from FIP-section-Astrophilately  FEPA-delegate    Julius Cacka

The prime target was to lead the section "SPACE” in the Czech philately society (SCF). I am a member of the Czech (SCF) expert team, bureau member of SCF and member of the Czech executive board (SCF).

Publishing  activities:
Many articles in the Czech "KOSMOS” journal including translations from the German "Weltraumphilatelie” journal.
A lot of articles in the journals  "FILATELIE” and "Ad Astra” (Italy).
An interview in the journal "ESPRIT” about the problems in "Astrophilately”.

Cooperation   and  Participation  in  the  following  events:
March 21–24, 2013: Jury-member at the philatelic exhibition Vysoke Myto 2013.
April 12-14, 2013: German-Russian exhibition in Berlin, meeting with the European Astrophilately delegates, Interview with the cosmonaut Kowaljonok.
April 26-28, 2013: Lecture at Pardubice, Kosmos new party
June 7-9, 2013: Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, Interview with  cosmonaut Schkaplerow.
June 13, 2013: UNO-Vienna, celebrating 50 years of women in space.
June 29–July6, 2013: ASE-Congress in Köln (Germany).
August 20–25, 2013: Jury-member at the  exhibition ÖVEBRIA at Gmunden (Austria),  bureau meeting with the ASTRO-secretary Mr. Matejka.                              September 7, 2013:  Member of the expert group by the exhibition "SBERATEL 2013”
October 19-20, 2013: Annual meeting at the  German space-exhibition Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, interview with the cosmonaut Nowitzki.
November 6, 2013: Interview with the  cosmonaut Pham Tuan at Mittweida.
November 29, 2013: Bureau meeting with the ASTRO-secretary Mr. Matejka.
International  activities:
Permanent contact with Astrophilately officers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Italy and Great Britain.

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