Astrophilatelist - France, Delegate Jean-Louis Lafon, 2011 Report. 

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January 28 02 2012
1- Bulletin "The Cosmophil” We publish every 3 months, the "Cosmophil” (8 pages size 21x29,7 cm) for our members. The papers develop a part of the space history illustrated with space covers and space stamps and also give information on our society. Since 2011, this bulletin is printed in full color.
2- Publications We publish papers on Astrophilately in the bulletin of the French Federation of Philately.
3- European Catalogue covers Five years ago, we started an important work, a catalogue of the European space covers issued by the European Astrophilatelic societies excluding the covers issued by commercial companies because they issue their own catalogue. As a printed catalogue was too expensive, we choose to record this catalogue on a CD. A specific software was developed and we dispatched to our members the first part "1930-1975” in 2011. The second part "1976-1980” is in process and we plan to dispatch it during the second quarter of 2012.
4- Meetings We organize twice a year a meeting to explain to our members how to prepare astrophilatelic participation. We also gave lectures on space history and Astrophilately.
5- SREV and Directives for Astrophilatelic participations I have translated into French language the last SREV and Directives. A copy was given to the French Philatelic Federation. They were recorded on a CD.
6- Illustrated Seminar Between 2004 and 2008, the Bureau of the Section for Astrophilately prepared "An Illustrated Seminar on the Guidelines for Judging and Exhibiting Astrophilately Exhibits - New Edition 2008”. It was recorded on a CD and was given to the Delegates of the Section for Astrophilately during the Delegates meeting hold at Bucharest on 26th June 2008.
7- Illustrated Seminar, SREV and Directives CD During 2010, we have translated into French this "Illustrated Seminar°. It was recorded on a CD with the SREV and Directives and it was dispatched to our members together with the European Catalogue covers Part 1 in 2011.
8- Cooperation with other French Astrophilatelic societies. There exist in France 2 astrophilatelic societies belonging to French Aerospace companies: · "La Marianne " which belongs to EADS Astrium and located at Saint Médard en Jalles, near Bordeaux · "Association Philatélique du CE Snecma Propulsion Solide" located at Le Haillan near Bordeaux which belongs to Snecma Propulsion Solide. We have a good cooperation and I advise them for the preparation of French flown covers. I also help their members to prepare astrophilatelic exhibit.
9- Participation in exhibitions. · Competitive exhibitions. One of our members won a vermeil medal at national level and another one a silver medal at regional level. · Promotional exhibition In order to promote Astrophilately, we participated in a philatelic exhibition together with "La Marianne”, EADS astrophilatelic society, within the frame of the "Aeronautical Week” of Gimont (near Toulouse) 28 September-2 October 2011. .
2 – 2012 & 2013 ACTIVITIES
We will continue the previous activities with a special attention to the European Catalogue covers. We intend to dispatch the second CD "1976-1980” at the beginning of 2012 and to start the preparation of the 3rd CD.
Jean-Louis LAFON
President of AAF

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