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The "PORTUGAL 2010” FIP World Philatelic Exhibition was held in Lisbon since 01 October till 10 October 2010.
The Exhibition was organized by Portuguese Philatelic Federation and CTT – Portuguese Post Office on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the implantation of the Republic in Portugal.
The event took place at International Fair of Lisbon in National Park.

President of the Portuguese Republic, Anibal Cavaco Silva took part in the Opening Ceremony.

On October 8, 2010, Delegate Meeting of the FIP Section for Astrophilately and the FIP Seminar on Astrophilately were held in the frames of the Exhibition.
FIP President Mr. Jos Wolff, FIP vice-president Mr. Raymond Todd, FIP Secretary General Mrs. Andrée Trommer, Chairman of the FIP Section for Aerophilately Mr. Stephen Reinhard took part in these 2 Astrophilatelic events.
The Meeting was opened by Mr. Igor Rodin, Chairman of the FIP Section of Astrophilately. The Chairman warmly welcomed the FIP officials as well as veterans of the Section, Mrs. Beatrice Bachmann (Switzerland) and Mr. Ingolf Kapelrud (Norway).
Igor Rodin congratulated the delegates and guests with the 25th Anniversary of the Section.
FIP President Mr. Jos Wolff and FIP vice-president Mr. Raymond Todd also congratulated the Section with the Anniversary.
The founder of the Section and its first Leader, Mrs. Beatrice Bachmann made a report about the pre-history of the Section. The report can be seen here.
The participant could see a video congratulation from the board of the International Space Station from the Commander of Expedition 24 Russian cosmonaut Aleksander Skvortsov.
Cosmonaut Aleksander Skvortsov said:
"Dear Astrophilatelic collectors,
Chairman of the FIP Section for Astrophilately, Igor Rodin told our crew that in this year the FIP Section for Astrophilately would celebrate its 25th Anniversary.
We know that on the 8th of October in Lisbon the Delegates Meeting of Astrophilatelic Section will be held.
From aboard of the International Space Station we would like to send you our best space regards and congratulations.
The 24th Expedition to the International Space Station wishes you success in collecting, to enlarge your collectons, to improve your exhibits and to get high ranking awards at philatelic exhibitions.
Commander of the Expedition, Aleksander Skvortsov”.
The Russian speech of cosmonaut A.Skvortsov was translated into English, French and German in printed form in the screen.
On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Section Igor Rodin presented philatelic souvenirs to the veterans of the Section and the most active delegates of the Section.

Umberto Cavallaro (Italy delegate) and Igor Rodin

Beatrice Bachmann and Igor Rodin
On the right (sitting) Raymond Todd
(Mrs. Trommer's photo)
Then the participants were offered to see a computer presentation titled "Space Mail and the International Space Station”. This presentation based on photo and video files from Rodin’s archive was made by Igor Rodin and Sergey Rodin.
Mr. Miri Matejka, Secretary of the FIP Section of Astrophilately reported about the necessity to perform a small change in the Guidelines on Astrophilately. The word "nearest” in point 3.3.10 should be changed into word "nearby”. The Delegates approved the change.

The Delegates and Guests of the Astrophilately Delegates Conference.
FIP Seminar on Astrophilately.
After the Delegate Meeting, Chairman Igor Rodin held Seminar on Astrophilately based on the official FIP paper "Advice on Judging Astrophilatelic Exhibit”. This document was created by Mrs. Beatrice Bachmann.
The aim of the Seminar was to enhance the understanding of the peculiarities of astrophilatelic material and to lead to better definition of the criteria and their application in preparing and evaluating an astrophilatelic exhibit.
Step by step Igor Rodin explained all of the Criteria used to evaluate an Astrophilatelic exhibit.
By examining the SREVs and Guidelines on Astrophilately, Thematic and Aerophilately, Igor Rodin proved that the most part of appropriate Astrophilatelic material may NOT be used in Thematic and Aerophilatelic exhibits.
More than 50 illustrations were demonstrated during the seminar. The text of the seminar and the illustrations were mounted together on-line by Sergey Rodin by using the "Pinacle studio professional” video montage program.

The seminar’s text and picture show was provided by using the special "Prezi” computer program.
Representatives from 16 countries took part in the Seminar.

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