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January 2014

Report of the Swiss Delegate of the FIP Section for Astrophilately

A retrospect on Astrophilately activities from April to December 2013.

1.) The Society of Space Philatelists, founded in 1969 in Zurich, held monthly assemblies, except July/August, where members became informed by PowerPoint and beamer about space activities and related astrophilatelic material. In June with special guest cosmonaut Sergei Revin and in December with special guest Lukas Viglietti, founder of the group "Swiss Apollo”.

2.) Edition of a quarterly magazine realised by co-operation with three Space Philatelic Societies of German language in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with addition of a separate edition "Space Phil News” especially for the members of the Swiss Space Philatelic Society.

3.) Publications of astrophilatelic articles in the Magazine of the Swiss Philatelic Federation.

4.) The web site of the Society informs about up to date activities of the society, of the FIP Section for Astrophilately, space societies, space programmes, space/philatelic events and exhibitions.

5.) Exhibitions: At a national exhibition – level 1 – in April, a redesigned exhibit was present and obtained V. At a Regional exhibition – level 3 – in December, a new 3 frames exhibit was accepted in the Astrophilately class and obtained V. For the 100th anniversary of a regional philatelic society, an 18 frames advertising exhibit "Rockets and Space” was created.

6.) In March and November 2013, successful auctions with astrophilatelic material were organized.

7.) In April, Beatrice Bachmann retired from her 28 years of FIP activity and personally bid farewell from the Chairman Igor Rodin at an INFORMAL meeting of the FIP Section for Astrophilately with presence of five delegates from European countries and, as guests, three presidents from philatelic societies from Austria, Belgium an Germany at Astrophil 13 exhibition in Berlin.

For 2014 it is intended to continue with the same yearly programme with special interest of the 45yrs anniversary of the Swiss philatelic society and remaining open for special challenges. Furthermore we plan to redesign and modernise the society’s homepage


Chris Schmied

Delegate of Switzerland

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