Astrophilatelist - Switzerland, Delegate Beatrice Bachmann, 2011 Report. 

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Report of the Swiss Delegate of the FIP Section for Astrophilately
A retrospect on Astrophilately activities in the course of 2011:
1.) The Swiss Society of Space Philatelists, founded in 1969 in Zurich, held monthly assemblies, except August, where members became informed by presentation with PowerPoint and beamer about the actual space activities and related Astrophilatelic material.
2.) As always, a quarterly magazine was published, realised by co-operation with three Space Philatelic Societies of German language in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the separate edition "Space Phil News” especially for the members of the Swiss Space Philatelic Society.
3.) Publications of Astrophilatelic articles in the Magazine of the Swiss Philatelic Federation.
4.) The web site of the Society gets updated on weekly bases and informs about up to date activities of the society and serves as general information on worldwide activities of the FIP Section for Astrophilately, space societies, space programmes and space events/exhibitions.
5.) Due to an ageing process, the Society of Space Philatelists have lost in the last years a number of above average international Astrophilately exhibits, since active members have sold their exhibits or, by loss of defunct members. In an ongoing process, new exhibitors started the long way of obtaining the qualification within three different levels of National exhibitions, to finally get qualified for International.
6.) Exhibitions: There is to report, that in the Astrophilately Class at the ÖVERIBA’11 Level II Philatelic exhibition in Graz / Austria in Mai an exhibit reached the qualification for National Level I exhibition.
Three new exhibits were on display at a specialized One-Frame Philatelic exhibition in Wallisellen / Zurich in October.
The advertising, 5-frame exhibit "Switzerland reaches for the Stars” of the society was on display at philatelic exhibitions.
7.) Space related events and excursions were held in 2011:
In May, the Philatelic exhibition ÖVERIBA and in October the Russian Space Shuttle Buran in Speyer, Germany were visited.
In September we were visited by Franz Kaiser, a future Space tourist who will travel to Space by Virgin Galactic.
In December – as highlight of the year - the Swiss Astronaut Claude Nicollier visited our monthly assembly and held a most interesting talk on his shuttle flights and signed philatelic covers.
For that occasion, a special venue was chosen – the Swiss Air Force Museum at Dübendorf / Zurich. Special guests from Aerophilatelic and space related societies and the President of the Swiss Philatelic Federation followed the invitation.
8.) In November the society held the third auction with Astrophilatelic material.
In preview of activities of the Swiss Society of Space Philatelists for 2012 and 2013 there is only to report that it is intended to continue with the same yearly programme as in 2011, remaining open for special challenges.
Beatrice Bachmann
Delegate of Switzerland of the FIP Section for Astrophilately

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